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Letter from the CEO

From the Office of our CEO, Edward Kim

Six Spoke Media

This year, Six Spoke entered our sixth year. And we recognize that our newsletter, Spoken Word, has largely been silent since our very first year. And we truly apologize for that. The significance of being a startup that passes the crucial five-year mark has not been lost on us. We recognize that passing this milestone successfully also means a commitment to “growing up”.  It’s certainly not an excuse, but up until now, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have the support of the most amazing portfolio of friends and clients who have referred us over and over again and kept us so busy that we’ve neither had the time to tend to our own marketing activities, nor have we needed to do so. This is a luxury that many startups would die for. And we certainly feel immensely blessed for that.

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Why WordPress’ Latest Acquisitions Make It Even More Compelling for Enterprise Businesses

By Andrew Hagenbuch, Web Development Lead at Six Spoke

Six Spoke Media

A key focus for this month’s newsletter is content marketing. However, an effective content marketing strategy also requires a solid content management system (CMS) since the CMS is what allows us to publish the articles, photos, and videos that we create.  And when clients ask us what CMS system we recommend, we typically say WordPress, even for larger enterprises.

Earlier this month, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, acquired Code For The People in a move to bolster its VIP team to “continue building the best tools and services for enterprises”.

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Google Aims to Disrupt the Hollywood Studio: Are you taking advantage of it?

By Julie Dillemann, Associate Search Director at Six Spoke

Six Spoke Media

We’re celebrating the beginning of Year 6 at Six Spoke. And for us, it begs the question of “what will the next six years look like?” Will you be reading this article or watching it? This is the question that every business should be considering today. According to Cisco, by 2017 video will comprise 69% of all consumer Internet traffic. Digital marketers see this as evidence that video is the next generation of content. To add to the support for investing in video content, a recent study conducted by Wharton University reveals that people remember 50% more from video content compared to 22% with written text.

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Drones, Robots, and Flying Cars: User Security and Privacy Concerns Center-Stage at Dublin’s Web Summit

By Lauren Bates, Senior Account Manager at Six Spoke

Six Spoke Media

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to attend the Web Summit, the top technology event in Europe. For three days, over 22,000 attendees descended upon Dublin, Ireland, for the mega conference. Leaders from the world’s most innovative technology companies spoke on hot topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, and space travel.

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In the Community

CEO turned DJ for a Night To Support Charity

Six Spoke Media

At Six Spoke Media, we understand that real community exists beyond the digital world of Facebook and LinkedIn. We are a community-oriented agency, and want to do our part to help make our community, our nation, and our world a better place. CEO, Ed Kim, did his part by supplying the tunes and entertainment last month at a charity event supporting the Children’s Water Foundation.

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